How to Get a Tiny Waist of Your Dreams

It seems like the stubborn belly fat simply doesn’t want to vanish away regardless of the workout and diet routines we put ourselves through. Toned arms and sculpted gluteal muscles surely look good but without the tiny waist and defined abdominal muscles our body can become disproportionate and unsymmetrical.

Although the new approach of using waist cincher/waist trainer to reclaim a tiny waist & weight loss has swept the nation, these 4 trustworthy and traditional exercises that specifically target abdominal muscles will still help you lower your waist circumstance by a couple of inches.

How to Get a Tiny Waist

1. V-hold exercise

The V-hold exercise has proven to be extremely effective as it targets the fast-twitch muscle fibers that store quite a lot of carbohydrates in our body. You should know that every gram of carbohydrates draws 3 grams of water that increase your weight.