[Infographic] 10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Every one of us has become victims of weight loss myths and sadly, most of us are still stuck with these pitfalls. Shown in the infographic below are the ten (10) most common mistakes in trying to lose weights.  There is no short cut to reach the success, neither in career, life, marriage and  nor even in losing weights. Thus, diet drinks and food will never be the solution for you to gain your ideal figure. The secret to have the perfect body is to always remember that there is no diet to give you the same satisfaction that eating healthy and exercising properly can give. Also, note to extend your rope of patience as eating healthy and exercising will not magically shred weight you have gained over the past few months or years.  So, eat healthy, live an active lifestyle and stop making excuses. It’s about time to lose weight by the proper way and embrace the new confident YOU.


10 Common Weight Loss Mistakes . Source : FreeFitnessTips.co.uk

  1. Focussing only on total calories consumed
  2. Trying to out exercise a bad diet
  3. Attempting to lose weight too fast
  4. Avoiding weightlifting
  5. Consuming “diet” foods & drinks
  6. Taliking weight loss supplements
  7. Cutting fat out of your diet
  8. Focussing on weight loss over fat loss
  9. Focussing on setbacks
  10. Making excuses

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