Charmian Women’s Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher Review

Hourglass, look great now! You know, waist cinchers can bring you instant sexy curves and firmness so you can look stunning in that little black dress. Between hundred types of waist cinchers in the market, Charmian Women’s Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher is the garment that you need to pay attention.

Charmian Women's Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher Review
Charmian Women’s Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher Review

Many readers often tell us they purchased our waist cinchers just to look great for a special occasion, only to realize their cinchers then became a daily garment! Many ladies use waist the cincher while working out at the gym, at work and just general in day to day life, with unparalleled back and mid-section support. Why not? However, you are advised to understand thoroughly about this Charmian Women waist cincher first.


Good support: It’s tricky to put it on the first time but as you wear it more, it gets easier. Waist cincher is supposed to be like that. You may notice it has stretched out a little after the first time but it doesn’t affect the slimming effect. Try it on with a couple of my favorite dresses and you are able to see a difference right away: smaller waist, sexier body. The significant change can come after about 1 week. The 7 spiral steel bones are to create the firm compression to reveal your beautiful curves while allow you do daily activities as much easily as possible.

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Wear it at the gym in a workout (only 1-2 hours) to increase blood flow to the torso and promote weight loss, or just wear day to day (only 6- 8 hours) as a waist trainer and look great doing so. Please don’t expect it to just make you skinny without exercising! You must put in some effort!
It also help to improve your posture and prevents back fatigue and long term injury like some other kinds of waist cincher.
Widely Adjustable: With 3 hooks in front design for sizing you can adjust as you make progress with your training and ensure you maintain a snug fit at all times.
Decent price: Yes, with those functions just mentioned above, it price won’t hurt your wallet.


Charmian Women's Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher Lace Decorate Underbust CorsetThe resilience: Although, this garment is made from 100% polyester that is resistant to stretching and shrinking, its resilience can not be as good as other types of waist cincher like Ann Chery or Squeem which contain latex. You may need to order another one after about shorter time once it stretchs and does not have any shape to it.
Besides, people who are allergic to polyester need to be cautious before trying it on. Because nowadays most of clothes are cotton and latex, you may not recognize whether your body need to avoid such products containing polyester or not. It would be better if you wear a tank top under it so that it does not irritate your skin or any surgical incision (if available).
Not perfectly with short torso: If you have a short torso, it can dig in a bit under the bust, but it still works well and stops just short of your bra line. This is not big deal because some girls actually like the fact that it covered their lower abdominal region.

I would strongly recommend getting the color black. With other bright colors like pink, you can see it under all clothing that is somewhat thin.
Do NOT use the Amazon size guide and choose the proper size based on your waist size .

Charmian Women's Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher Lace Decorate Underbust Corset Size Chart
Charmian Size Chart

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It is a little uncomfortable for driving but not unbearable. Overall, it is a well-made piece and suitable for anyone who is looking to look slimmer, especially new comer. No more love handles, no more suffocating in your shape wear, no more window shopping for that stunning dress wishing “if only I lost a few more pounds”, let Charmian Women’s Spiral Steel Boned Waist Cincher help you look great in it now!

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