How to start waist training – Ultimate Guide


Every girl dreams to have the sexy Coca-Cola-shaped-body that could level Kim Kardashian’s figure. Unfortunately, not every one of us was born with the beautiful curves and perfect vital statistics. A lot of people would resort to the dreaded diet sacrifices, unending gym sessions and unhealthy slimming pills and teas. The good news is we now have an easier access to a thinner and flatter tummy that would require us less effort compared to the curl-ups and other abs exercises at the gym.

Waist training is a modern approach to trimming the waist, help you gain your confidence and eventually result to a new YOU. Someone will surely turn heads. It is the process of wearing a waist cincher or corset which will be used to reduce or cinch your waist and will gradually deliver your desired hour-glass figure? Waist training allows one to focus on solely trimming down the belly fats and having the opportunity of flaunting one’s curves once incorporated with proper diet and exercises.

How to start Waist Training : Things to Consider During Waist Training

In all our endeavours, it is always important for us to know the details first before making a move. The same way goes to choosing the perfect waist trainer that would help us achieve the new confident US. What are the factors that need to be considered first before starting the waist training? Which waist trainer is best for you ?

Choosing the boning type:

The first thing to consider is to decide the boning type you prefer. Waist cincher and corsets come in different boning types and some are not applicable for waist training. This is something that everyone should remember. For instance, the Plastic Boning cinchers, which is the most common and affordable in the market is not intended to be tightly-laced and should not be used for waist training since it is mostly used in accentuating an outfit or giving a sexy flavor to a romantic night (if you know what I mean. *wink). So, for those aspiring to do waist training, Steel Boning corsets and Double-Boned corsets are recommended for you.

Waist Cincher, Waist Training Corset : What’s the Difference?

While both of these two helps you shave one inch or two in your waistline and magically brings back your curves in an instant, there are still notable differences that separates one to the other, not only about the structure, material but also the length and cost.

For instance, waist cincher can provide you a slimming effect swiftly and will surely emphasize your curves. Basically, it is designed for waist compression and can give you an immediate and temporary smaller waist. Waist training corsets on the other hand will give you more than the benefits that a cincher can provide. Overtime, corsets will allow you to re-shape your body and give you a natural-hourglass shape body but waist cinchers are easier to wear daily and hidden under clothes.

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Choosing the Size

Buying just the right size of everything is very basic in one’s purchasing life especially purchasing something that is supposed to make your waist a lot smaller than they naturally are. Make sure that the corset perfectly fits and can be comfortably tightly-laced. Be aware of your natural hip, bust and waist size. Never force your body and allow it to have a breathing space.

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Seven Days after Getting Your Waist Trainer 

It is understandable to feel excited during the first few days of waist training. However, one should always remember that this is a gradual procedure and achieving your desired waistline will not be an overnight process and will not be granted in just one swift of a fairy god-mother’s magic wand. Allow yourself to determine if waist training is really for you by giving it a try for seven (7) days.

First Day:

On the first day of wearing your slimming garment, allow your body to adjust to the foreign discomfort that it may give for awhile. Give yourself two (2) to three (3) hours on your first day without doing any exercises. This will serve as a warm up for your body to be immune with the feeling that these waist trainer may give.

Second Day:

On the second day, it is recommended to go lightly with your body since it is still on the “early adjusting phase”. It is best to wear the slimming garment for three (4) to four (4) hours. In this early stage, prevent yourself from over-exercising and start doing light or basic exercises which will allow your body to understand that what you are doing is a preparation of heavier and longer exercises in the future.

Third Day:

The third day of waist training marks the start of longer hours wearing the garment and mixing the experience with twelve (12) to fifteen (15) minutes of cardio exercises. Your body should be accustomed to the waist trainer that you can push wearing it for six (6) to eight (8) hours.

Fourth Day:

At this point, you should be able to wear your waist trainer about eight (8) hours a day. Wrapping this garment too long is not a good idea. It is also noticeable at this stage that there are changes in your eating habits and you are no longer able to eat larger meals because your stomach is constricted.

Fifth Day:

 The fifth day pushes you to increase the amount of time wearing the waist trimmer to nine (9) hours plus twenty (20) minutes of exercises. You should also remember that if these two are paired with proper diet, you will definitely reach your desired body easily.

Sixth Day:

Great changes are expected to be felt and seen on the sixth day of waist training. You are now moving to a more comfortable fit with your slimming garment and should be able to make adjustment since it is getting loose in fit. In addition, the waist trainer should now be worn at least six (6) to ten (10) hours a day incorporated with proper diet and exercise to maintain the positive signs that you are currently experiencing.

Seventh Day:

The ten (10) hour-a-day training which started on the 6th day will be the ultimate goal for the next eight (8) weeks. By this time also, your body should now be well-adjusted with the waist trainer garment, the newly discovered eating habit and adjustments and the incorporation of exercises. The best thing to remember on how much exercises to incorporate on the 7th and the following days will be solely depending on your body. You should know how much more your body can take and learn to stop when you feel like your body can no longer take it further. It is up to you whether you want to continue taking small easy steps as the day progresses or if you want to take your training to a whole new level. Always remember to not overdo exercising since its fall back will definitely hit you like a boomerang.

You have already reached the 7-day mark of the training and somehow created a habit. So, the challenge is to keep the fire burning and continue the commitment. Always monitor your progress and make adjustments to the fit of your slimming garment until you reach your desired figure. It is also very important to mention that continuity of the training is still recommended even after achieving the desired results to maintain the results and the habit itself.

Tips to Remember

Since the waist trainer will trigger thermal activities in your core area, it would be very beneficial to increase your fluid intake by drinking 10-15 glasses or more daily to keep your body hydrated. In addition, while wearing the waist trainers, always set a boundary as to how much constriction your body can take without compromising your own comfort. Never push your body into something which will lead you to suffer in discomfort at the end of the day. Also be aware that waist training promotes good health and nutrition. Thus, eating properly and having a good night sleep is still a must. So, no wearing of waist trimmer during sleep hours since it would only risk you not having a goodnight sleep because of the discomfort it can bring you.


Waist training requires time, patience and dedication. It cannot give an automatic result but the waiting part makes the reaping of the results even sweeter! The habit that you have created will eventually earn you rewards in the future. I have laid out all the steps for you to take. In your hand lies all that you can be and can do. The choice is yours.  Take the everyday challenge and trim those waists down! Continue taking a step forward and feel the excitement of seeing the new confident YOU.

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