How to wear a waist cincher

These days it appears as if women will go to great lengths to achieve the hourglass figure with a large bust, small waist and curvy hips. The latest in these attempts is the waist cincher — a compressive undergarment that’s akin to a girdle and meant to “train your waist” to be smaller. You know what? Beyoncé has one. Scarlett Johansson and Marilyn Monroe do, too. Kim Kardashian also has shared a new Instagram shot of herself, and she’s all corseted up. Now, you are so excited when receiving a type of waist cincher that you have booked from Amazon and want to try it immediately. Hold on! Please be sure about how to wear a waist cincher properly first!

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian


Take it easy

Order by the sizing chart, not by your clothing size. This product is designed to fit tighter than what you would normally wear to reduce inches. All type of waist cincher use front hook-and-eye closures to tighten easily itself around your midsection. However, when you first put this product on, you may have help. It may be snug but not unbearable. For the first try, time to wear waist cincher is about 30 minutes, take if off to have break then try again in longer period. You should practice all day and by the end of the day you can get it on by myself. It takes some getting used to but you can sit, stand, drive, and even nap in your cincher. Waist cincher could provide support for the core, but if you wear them all the time, they could decrease core strength because of that support. And that’s not really a good thing, because of lack of muscular stimulation, so they could be harmful in that manner. 8 – 10 hours in a day should be enough. Start with low impact exercise and work your way up, you will be just fine.

Consider where your fat is concentrated. High on your stomach and back, or low? If the problem area is low on your stomach, the cincher is tighter at the top under the breast and gets larger down towards the pelvic area. If you have fat at the top order a size up. If you have too much back fat, you may want to consider purchasing the vest type.

What’s about other clothes?

They are latex and smells like latex. The smell is minimal and dissipates over time. It smells like a bag of latex balloons. For most types of waist cincher, you cannot smell it through your clothing. However, if you have latex allergy, don’t use it. If you still want to try and your latex allergy is not much, please wear a tank top or shirt underneath my waist cincher to avoid direct contact. People who have allergies to foods, such as bananas, chestnuts, kiwifruit, avocados, and tomatoes, have an increased risk of developing latex allergy. People with latex allergies may develop allergies to these foods because the protein in these foods is similar to the protein in rubber.
If you are using some slimming and toning cream to add more effectiveness for your waist training, it’s also highly recommended to wear one more layer underneath your waist cincher to keeps it dry and longer use.

How to wear a waist cincher
How to wear a waist cincher

One more special note! You should wear non rimmed bra going along with this product. Because, when putting waist cincher on, it may lift your breast up. You will not like the uncomfortable feeling caused by compression on steel rims of bra.
With pieces of advice I just gave you, hope all of you may have enough information to use those amazing waist cincher correctly. Just remember any waist cincher is not a miracle. Diet and exercise in conjunction with the cincher will get you the lasting look that you want. Go on, 36-24-36 measurement is worthy for your effort!!!

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