Keep your waist cincher last long

Girls, you already know how amazingly those waist cincher can do for you. However, to create the best effect on your body, we need to use waist cincher frequently and simultaneously maintain this garment for the longest period. Here are tips to follow :

Ann Chery Waist CincherAnn Chery Waist Cincher

1. Only wash by hand

Sweat, dust…will appear when you perform physical activities, then make your outfit dirty or smell, especially those garments contact directly with your skin such as waist cincher. As all waist cinchers are made from latex to maximum the elasticity, never use washing machine to clean them. The too strong wring of washing machine may cause waist cincher being torn or melt or it also can be damaged be the chemicals used for machine washing.

2. Do not use sponge

Use a soft towel instead of a sponge to scrub your latex waist cincher is to avoid frazzling one. Get a bowl of hot water, soft soap (shampoo or cleansing water are fine) and a towel. Put a small amount of water and soap on your towel and softly rub the towel against the latex. Once you got every part of your waist cincher washed, it is important that you put it up to dry. To fasten the drying process, please use a dry towel to wipe the majority of water off, use your hairdryer or some baby powder on the lightest setting

3. Let it dry for 2-4 hours in shade

Natural rubber product will rot if it isn’t being dried properly before usage. Water and sunlight will also destroy and discolor the latex. Therefore, do not put your waist cincher outside when sunshine is strong.

4. Storage

Latex can be discolored if it is put directly in the sunlight for a longer period of time, therefore keep your waist cincher into a dark wardrobe. Make sure to not have any other clothes touching your waist trainer as it dries as it might stain the other clothes, so please keep those white clothes as far away from the waist trainer as possible.  I  also recommend you not to wash waist cincher together with other clothes.

Leather can also damage the latex, so don’t have any leather clothes near the waist trainer during its drying process.

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