Vedette “Valerie” Firm Control Waist Cincher 103 Review

It is said that “The true beauty in a woman is reflected in her soul”, but no one denies the beauty of appearance plays an important role in your lifetime. It can give you more confidence, more advantages as well as more chances. Waist cincher was invented to help you improve your beauty, and Vedette “Valerie” Firm Control Waist Cincher 103 is one of great waist cinchers that you need to pay attention.

Vedette-Valerie-Firm-Control Waist-Cincher-103-reviews
Vedette Waist Cincher Review

The Vedette “Valerie” Firm Control Waist Cincher is designed to sit right above the hips. Help the body eliminate toxins and reducing localized and stored fat is the way Vedette works. The Valerie cincher is composed partly of memory latex, thus, allowing it to streamline specifically to your body while decreasing the size of your waist. Wearing this waist cincher is to appear significantly slimmer and reveal your curves by smoothing your bulges and slimming your waist. You will get so many compliments about how thinner you look every time putting it on.
Its rods give your body back support and good posture. This waist cincher is amazing for posture and pushes up the bra. It is a firm control power net braless waist cincher with double hook-and-eye front closure to secure compression. Offered in a larger variety of sizes (available from XXS (30) to 3XL (44)), this shaper can be worn under clothing during your normal routine or during exercise for an extra boost.

Vedette-Valerie-Firm-Control Waist-Cincher-103-size-chart
Vedette Woman’s Shapewear Size Chart

This product can also aid in weight loss and postpartum recovery when used in conjunction with a doctor approved diet and exercise regime.
However, both the inner and outer layer is made from 80 nylon, 20% spandex. Hand wash with cold water and mild soap, dry in the shade (do not wring, iron or dry in the sun) is the things that are necessary to last lifetime of your Valerie longer. It isn’t crafted from cotton or other breathable fabric, so it can be slightly uncomfortable. In case you have sensitive skin, putting it multiple days may cause yourself to itch and then left some bad scarring. So I’d recommend wearing it over a thin tank top to prevent the skin burns.
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Most cinchers have the tendency to run a bit small and this garment is not exception. If you have a hard/firm tummy, or you are much fuller in the tummy compared to your body size, you should go up a size from what you measure. Be certain to take accurate body measurements before purchasing, thus, ordering the appropriate size is contingent on the proper measurements. A smaller cincher will result in extreme difficulty snapping the hook and eyes.
The Valerie runs slightly short. If you are taller (about 5’5″), this isn’t going to go all the way up to your bra. We would suggest shopping around in this case if you want to experiment all advantages.

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Weighing and measuring your options is always your best bet, but with its extremely affordable price tag, we would recommend Vedette “Valerie” Firm Control Waist Cincher 103 to most women looking for a waist cincher. If you are totally new with any kind of waist trainer, you should try this product to be sure whether a waist cincher can be adaptable with your lifestyle, your body or not. Check it out! It is worthy to try!

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