Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher Review

Is there any lady in the world that does not want to have hourglass body shape? How many ways do you choose to achieve that desire, for example diet, workout, using cream, surgery…? Do you think that workout is the best way to make our bodies beautifully and healthily in a long long term? That’s why I would like to recommend an effective method to maximize your workout: Waist cincher. And in this article, Ann Chery Women’s Faja Deportiva Workout Waist Cincher is the most popular product of this branch which I choose to review for you.

Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher Reviews
Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher Review

Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher Review

First of all, let’s see which materials are used for this product because it will contact directly with your skin, so materials are extremely important. Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher is a combination of 50% latex, 48% cotton and 2% elastin. The core is made of latex, while the exterior and interior lining are made of cotton. It’s absolutely safe, durable and excellent, however, the smell like balloon of new garment can make you uncomfortable before fading away.
Colombian company Ann Chery brought this product into the beauty market with the promise to help customers look and feel sexy, slim and seductive, and it is specially designed to be worn anytime you’re going to be active. Take it to the gym or for a run outside and let it add impact to your healthy lifestyle routine. Here’s how it works. By wrapping this waist cincher around your midsection, you creates compression in your body, stimulating thermal activity and perspiration. This process allows toxins and impurities to exit the skin, while mobilizing fat cells. It sits at your waist, extending to the upper abdominals. Felix boning anchors the cincher and prevents migration. In addition to boosting your workout through compression and perspiration, the Ann Chery Workout Waist Cincher gives support to your spine, lifting bust through posture correction. If you don’t work out, please don’t expect this product can help you lose inches as expected.

Some of you might think that wearing such garment like that can be harming our organs and skins. Not, it is not, as long as you get your body be familiar with it slowly. Don’t push yourself in hurry to have desired shape! It may be hard at first to put it on. Most of people literally spends 15-20 minutes on the first time. The key to put it on is to fasten the last hook then the first and then another hooks. This garment has 2 columns with 13 hooks. Wearing it is snug but not unbearable. It takes some getting used to but you can sit, stand, drive, and even nap in your cincher. It stays in the same position the entire day. Though, remember to start with low impact exercise and work your way up you will be just fine. You also can wear it either over tank top or on your skin. Make sure you aren’t allergic to latex. If you use a cream however I suggest wearing it over a tank top to prevent damaging the waist trainer.

tape measure
Tape measure

Now, come to the most confusing question for this product. Which size should you choose? Order exactly your size if you want it’s effective quickly. If you are in between sizes, please choose the bigger size. Use your WAIST measurement (this will be around your belly button) to determine your size. Dont have a tape measure? You should buy one first! (Click here to see review and price on Amazon)

To measure your waist, stand straight, feet together. Make sure the tape stays parallel to the floor and put a measuring tape comfortably around the fullest part of your waist, and make sure to go over your belly button. Here is the size chart:

Ann Chery Women's Apparel Sizing Chart
Ann Chery Women’s Apparel Sizing Chart

If you want to be more comfortable at the beginning, go 1 size up. Don’t worry much about choose wrong size because fortunately, some shopping websites like Amazon have good return policy for this product.

Click here to see reviews and prices for Ann Chery Waist Cincher on

Overall, the Ann Chery workout waist cincher is a reliable and high quality product that bring you quickly to the beautiful shape body with the reasonable price (34 – 40 USD). Go for it! This waist trainer will work amazingly!

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