LMB Waist Cincher Long Torso Review

No one in the world does not have the need to become beautiful. Either you do or I do! Have you ever heard about one kind of garment that can help us look more attracting and gorgeous? Yeah, I’m mentioning about waist cinchers and more specifically on LMB Waist Trainer Corset – Latex Waist Cincher Long Torso with Three Rows of Hooks .

LMB Waist Cincher Long Torso Review

If you are familiar with this beauty product and used to try with some branches such as Ann Chery, Squeem, Camellias…, you might find out they are short compared to your long back. This product is for people that own long torso as picture below:

Waist Trainer Corset Review-long torso

You still can make your belly smaller, but I think when you are wearing such short waist cincher, your breasts and hips will change much. That’s the reason you should come to LMB Waist Cincher Long Torso. With the length about 12 ¾ inches, long-back girls no longer wonder how to create an hourglass silhouette and lose inches in short time. Longer in the torso is to provide slimming through the lower back and lower abdomen.
You will love the way it makes your midsection look when putting it on. It is super suitable for standing up although it’s not made from the best quality….The material is thick and sturdy.

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Two flexible boning rods are added in the front and in the back of the garment to ensure that the waist cincher stays in place. However, when you sit down or bend, you can’t fully bend over in this without it being awkward and uncomfortable, it creases. So now it’s no longer flat but has folds and is noticeable when wearing a tight shirt. It also may hurt your back when wearing it for a long period of time because it forces you to keep your back straight even when you’re bending over.
One thing great about this clincher is that it does curb your appetite a bit and gets you sweating when being active. I do like that it gives you that hourglass shape and make your boobies look huge. Especially recommend this to women who have had c-sections. Is it not awesome to see that little bulge being covered? You can enjoy wearing this garment for a night out, working out or waist training to lose inches. Wearing the trainer helps out a lot with your posture. So it’s good for you to wear it while working out and doing certain types of workouts. Like lifting weights and walking/running etc. Exercises that requires a lot of movements and twists because of the boning.

LMB Waist Cincher Long Torso Review
LMB Waist Cincher Long Torso Review

Three rows of hooks allow for the size adjustment for the shrinking midsection when your waist become smaller. Though, you need to choose carefully the size to use this garment in longer time. It was confusing because the size on the package was different than the sizes on the site. Hopefully they will fix that.
I definitely would recommend when you wear this to wear a camisole (cotton/spandex/lyric material) underneath to protect your skin; as seen on many celebs and others. The excess moisture of wearing the waist trainer for long periods of time can cause your skin to peel; which can damage the skin around your midsection, etc…, which is something no one wants.
Like Squeem, LMB waist cincher also has wide range of size for you to choose, until 5x. Prices are acceptable & FREE returns on some sizes and colors on Amazon.

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In conclusion, LMB Waist Cincher Long Torso is for people with long back. It definitely does all functions to make your body sexier as it is meant to do. Just do not sit too long or bend much while wearing it, you can find yourself being comfortable on it all the time. Rate it 4 star!

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