Squeem Vest-style Waist Cincher Review

Squeem Vest-style waist cincher center - 2Are you on the way to reduce the body fat and reshape the figure by using some kinds of shape wear like waist cincher? Waist cincher definitely has a lot of advantages. It can help you looking flawless for those special occasions – or maybe even every day at work. Though with some people, normal waist cincher may not bring expected result caused by their fat back. I would like to write review of a kind of upgraded top-notch latex waist cincher called “vest-style waist cincher” that will be totally suitable for you: Squeem Miracle Vest.

Squeem “magical lingerie” has been made in Brazil for nearly 40 years, and the miracle vest is part of their classic collection. It uses control fit technology, which combines cotton and natural rubber into a single, compressive layer. Two rows of hook-and-eye enclosures allow the garment to slim down as you whittle your waist. Adjustable straps


This vest-style Squeem has all functions like other regular waist cincher: reducing inches from the waistline, lifting the breasts and flattening the midsection. First, a power latex core sculpts and firms your midsection with firm compression. Second, Squeem’s waist cincher flexi-boning supports your spine, gently lifting and lengthening the torso. As an added benefit, it provides superior back support while improving posture. When you first put it on, it may be certainly tight if you choose the right size. It will make you feel a hot flash. It is rubber on the outside and does make you warm.
You also can exercise while wearing to sweat more around the waist. It definitely holds in the fat and the side boob. Wearing it generally keeps you conscious of your waistline, so it reminds yourself to avoid snacking.

Squeem Vest-style waist cincher center
Squeem Vest-style waist cincher center Review

Especially, when you have the extra weight, for example 5’4″ with weigh 155, regular waist cincher will sort of push it up in the back so you get a roll of back fat above it. The one with vest style doesn’t create that roll or not make the back fat seep out. Big plus! Exquisite details like adjustable bra straps and underarm Spandex puts you in total control, just the way you like it. If you wear a clingy knit top, the hooks on the front of the Squeem will show through. You can fix that by wearing a fitted tank top over the Squeem and under the shirt. I did wear a slightly tighter shirt, and unless it was skin tight you’re not going to see the hooks . Those women also can wear it to help repairing their diastasis from pregnancy.


It can become uncomfortable around the straps because they start to dig around your armpit area.
Vest-style Squeem may not give you the push up/together effect you are hoping for but it would probably work well for someone who has naturally built wider. However, by the end of the day, the straps would have rubbed the front of shoulders, a little tender there.


This maximum-strength, vest-style waist cincher makes sure that those pesky trouble areas are no trouble at all. Once wearing it, the Squeem SlimVest will reduce your middle immediately by 1-4 inches and you also can enjoy better posture. I believe this garment can bring the best effects to women having back fat.

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